System software "Cable trays database" is a software package that is the main tool for engineers to organize the process of designing cable trays routes using the company's products. The source software is intended for designing cable trays routes in Autodesk Revit software.

Objectives of the software:

  • Store the base of elements of the Customer's products in Revit.
  • Provide the user with a convenient, intuitive interface for automatic and manual construction of routes from the elements of the library base.
  • Upload product specifications from Revit.

Specific objectives are achieved by implementing add-on modules.

Add-on modules

  1. Family loading module
  2. Filtration module
  3. Parallel routing module
  4. Mounting module
  5. Unloading module for specifications
  6. Mount editing module
  7. DWG exporter
  8. Mount placement module
  9. Auto build module